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Avianca Airlines baggage fees – Airnsky

Avianca Airlines baggage fees

Avianca Airlines baggage fees

Are you looking for Avianca Airlines baggage fees and the willing to know brief requirements for Avianca Airlines, and yet you hadn’t get the appropriate details for that, then do not worry, as in this blog, you will get to know about that.

So, let’s take out 2 minutes time to know about the Avianca Airlines baggage fees and the guidelines for carrying the baggage.

Avianca Airlines weightage requirements: (Guidelines for how much you can carry weight at Avianca Airlines)

Here, we had discussed with the basic guidelines or requirements that a passenger has to be go with them before boarding the flight at Avianca Airlines, and thus, these points say:

  • The size of the bag ought to now not be greater than 250 cms.
  • The peak of the bag ought to no longer be greater than 79 cms.
  • The width of the bag ought to no longer be greater than 112 cms.
  • The whole linear dimension of the bag ought to now not be extra than 300 cms. The bag need to no longer weight greater than 32 kgs. Hence, the complete weight of all the checked baggage have to no longer exceed 64 kgs.

You can also, give a call at Avianca Airlines Customer Service number, if you think you get stuck in a problem: +1 8000-953-434 or our agent +1-877-335-8488.

How, much you will be charge at Avianca Airlines baggage fees? (Charges of Avianca Airlines)

Everyone is fond of carrying as many dresses as they can, but are they remember that, they will be charged for the number of bags they are carrying with them, I guess No! To know how much, you will be charged at Avianca Airlines for baggage, is described here:

Therefore, for first checked bag, you will be charged for 30 USD, and similarly with the second checked bag, the charge of 45 USD will be executed from you. If you carry bags more than four checked bag, then the cost, you need to pay is 200 USD. Hence, you have to pay accordingly with the number of bags you carry on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-1 How much does it cost to check a bag Avianca Airlines?

A-1 Thus, this may vary on what type of class ticket you hold on, but the cost to check a bag at Avianca Airlines, is $50 per bag, you are carrying with you.

Q-2 How many bags does Avianca Airlines allow for free?

A-2 A passenger can carry-on minimum 2 bags along with them for free at Avianca Airlines.

Q-3 Does Avianca Airlines give you a free check in bag?

A-3 Yeah, Avianca Airlines, do give the free check-in bag for the once who are belong from Premium Class.

Q-4 How much is a checked bag on Avianca Airlines basic economy?

A-4 This can be depend on the assumption, to know about that in detail, then visit the Avianca Airlines authentic site.

Therefore, you can also get in touch with the Avianca Airlines customer service assistant, to get more details about the Avianca Airlines Baggage criteria: (Contact Numbers)

Avianca Airlines Toll-free Number: +1 8000-953-434 or our agent +1-877-335-8488.

Medellin Number: 60 4 444-3434

Bogota Number: 60 1 401-3434

Cali Number: 60 2 321-3434

Barranquilla Number: 60 5 330-2030

Australia Number: (+61) 2 8248-0020

China Number: (+86 20) 38399746

Costa Rican Number: +50622539232

El Salvador Number: (+503) 2267-8222

India Number: +91 11 43232211

Singapore Number: (+65) 934-4382

Mexico City Number: (+52) (55) 14072271

Japan Number: +815033882939

On reading the above blog, you will get to know about the basic information for carrying the baggage at Avianca Airlines, and along with that you will be knowing baggage fees, that an individual is charged off at Avianca Airlines.

Hope! Our information provides some informative details!

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