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How can I change my flight ticket date at TAP Air Portugal? – Airnsky

How can I change my flight ticket date at TAP Air Portugal

How can I change my flight ticket date at TAP Air Portugal? 

Sometimes, there’s a situation where the person is unable to travel, so are you also one of them, who is facing problems in traveling because of the work pressure, then don’t worry! You can modify your ticket’s date and can travel again with happiness on your face.

Therefore, the steps to change the ticket date are as follows:

Can you change TAP Portugal flights? (Steps)

To get your ticket date changed, for that you are supposed to have read the following steps that say for changing the ticket date at TAP Air Portugal:

  • STEP 1: The very first step says to open the official site of TAP Air Portugal.
  • STEP 2:Then, go to the MANAGE BOOKINGS 
  • STEP 3:Next, you fill out the required boxes, where you need to mention -the TICKET NUMBER AND PASSENGER’S NAME CORRECTLY.
  • STEP 4: Now, SEARCHfor the ticket you mentioned for changing the date.
  • STEP 5:After getting your ticket, you will see the option for – CHANGE TICKET.
  • STEP 6:Go for it, then CLICK on the option you want to change in your ticket, whether it is the –  DATE, DESTINATION, TIME, or ANYTHING you want to
  • STEP 7: Next, after the relevant change, CLICK on the – CONFIRM or SAVE THE CHANGES
  • STEP 8: After that, you will be taken to the payment page, where you will find the sub-total of the changes you made.
  • STEP 9:Complete the payment through a card. And at last, you will receive a message regarding the change along with the updated ticket.

You can also get your ticket date changed directly by dialing the customer service number of TAP Air Portugal mentioned: (+351) 211 234 400, +1 (800) 221-7370 or our agent +1-877-335-8488.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-1 Can I change my booked flight date?

A-1 Yeah, you can change the booked flight ticket date at TAP Air Portugal.

Q-2 Can you change flight dates online?

A-2 Yes, you can change the flight ticket dates online.

Q-3 How much does it cost to cancel a TAP Portugal flight?

A-3: It costs 100 USD per head of ticket to cancel a TAP Portugal flight.

For getting more information about changing the ticket date of TAP Air Portugal, then you can easily dial the Customer Service Number on the following phone numbers given below: (Contact Numbers) 

Tap Airlines (Toll-free number): (+351) 211 234 400

US Passengers: +1 (800) 221-7370 or our agent +1-877-335-8488.

UK Passengers: +44 345 601 0956/ +44 20 73 65 24 73

Official site:

Mail at:

While going through the above blog, you will know how you can change your flight ticket date at TAP Air Portugal. Basically, this is done as many people are unsatisfied or because of the work pressure on their heads, which leads them to change the ticket date or cancel the reservations.

Therefore, to change the flight ticket date, read the step mentioned above.

Hope you find the blog relevant to what you need!

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