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Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy.

Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy.

Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy

When a passenger has sudden changes in plans or has some health problem, he wants to cancel the plane ticket. However, a passenger should know how to cancel a flight and the Cancellation Policy before canceling a plane ticket. The Hong Kong Airlines cancellation policy is established solely in favor of the passengers. Therefore, before canceling a flight, it is essential to know the Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy. Please read the policies below and then cancel your flight reservation with Hong Kong Airlines:

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Hong Kong airlines cancellation policy: (Cancellation Policy)

  • Airlines will charge a zero cancellation fee when a flight ticket is canceled within twenty-four hours of making the reservation.
  • When the ticket is canceled after the flight’s departure, the airlines will not give any refund because they will mark the passenger as a “No-show” at boarding time.
  • Airlines will not refund the total amount when a plane ticket is canceled one hour before departure.
  • The passenger must complete a refund form before canceling the airline ticket.
  • After completing the refund form, a passenger cannot withdraw a ticket cancellation.
  • Airlines will compensate their passengers when a plane ticket is canceled due to health problems.
  • When a flight ticket is canceled due to unavoidable circumstances by Hong Kong Airlines, the passenger will get a full refund.
  • The Hong Kong Airlines cancellation fee depends on the type of class, seat, and date.

How to cancel a Hong Kong Airlines flight ticket? (Steps)

It’s just as easy to cancel a plane ticket as it is to book a plane ticket. Hong Kong Airlines understands their passengers, and sometimes they know that for some reason, a passenger may cancel their tickets, so policies are made only in favor of the passengers. After learning all the Hong Kong Airlines cancellation policies, a passenger can cancel the ticket in different ways:

Canceling a plane ticket online: Hong Kong Airlines offers the facility to book and cancel a plane ticket online. To cancel a plane ticket online, follow the steps below:

  • Open the authentic website of Hong Kong Airlines.
  • Log in the main account by entering your User ID and password.
  • Go to “Manage my bookings,” select the reservation ticket you want to cancel.
  • Then check if you are eligible to cancel the reservation or not.
  • Then click cancel and fill out the refund form if so.
  • Finally, click yes in the last checkbox to confirm the cancellation.

Cancellation of a flight through customer service: a passenger can cancel the plane ticket by contacting the customer service executive of the airline. A passenger can contact the customer service executive via phone or live chat. For example, the airline’s official website mentions the Hong Kong Airlines live chat box and contact numbers. Contact the airlines, fill out the refund form and cancel your tickets.

The airline gives its passengers twenty-four hours to cancel a reservation. The airlines charge you a cancellation fee when the reservation is canceled after 24 hours. A refund of the canceled airline ticket is processed within seven to eight business days.

For more information, call the Hong Kong Customer Service Assistant at our agents at +1-877-778-2565.

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