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How do I upgrade my seat on EVA Air?

How do I upgrade my seat on EVA Air

How do I upgrade my seat on EVA Air?

Avail the advantage of a seat upgrade for your EVA Air ticket:

When you plan a trip, the first thing you do is that you get the bookings done for the flight. Well, international holidays are expensive, and if you have a budget prepared for the same, then there are high chances that you will try to book a cheap flight. Well, if you have booked an EVA Air ticket for a particular class and after you have done so, you wish to have an EVA Air seat upgrade, then you must be searching “how do I upgrade my seat on EVA Air?”. If that is what your search box has, then this blog should help you.

 EVA Air upgrade to business:

  • To get an Eva air seat upgrade, you will first have to read through the process to apply for the same. For that, you will have to refer to the official website of EVA Air, the URL for the same is Make sure that you do not refer to any other website for the same because no other website will give you authentic information.
  • To get the EVA Air Upgrade to business, you need to see that the ticket you have booked gets confirmed. It is only then that you can get an upgrade.
  • You need to have “miles” to get an upgrade of your seat. So you should choose to have your own miles or the miles that are transferred to you.
  • When you select the upgrade, then the miles will get deducted from your account. Talk to the EVA Air customer service team for queries in the following numbers: New York: +1-646-278-6060 or our agent +1-877-778-2565

EVA air seat upgrade policy:

  • Well, according to the EVA air seat upgrade policy, in case you cancel your tickets, then the extra miles that were deducted while upgrading will be given back to you.
  • Upgrade tickets are not provided for the partnership flights. It is only offered in EVA AIR and UNI route international BR and B& flights.
  • If you want to upgrade the infant’s tickets, then you will have to pay a fare difference price.
  • If there are extra charges applicable, you will have to pay those while you get the EVA Air ticket upgrade.
  • If you have any other problem regarding the same and wish to talk to the customer service executives then here are the country-wise number for the same:

New York: +1-646-278-6060 or our agent +1-877-778-2565

Taipei: +886-2-25011999

Kaohsiung: +886-7-2696812

San Francisco: +1-650-5791818

Los Angeles: +1-310-362-6600

Panama City: (+571) 7458882

Eva Air seat upgrade cost:

O, the seat upgrade cost varies depending on a lot of factors. Firstly you should know that you will only be allowed to upgrade if you have booked the flight tickets via the official website. The cost of upgrading will be minimum if you have booked the flight tickets by using the extra mileage that you get if you regularly travel via EVA air. Also, if you get a complimentary upgrade you will not have to pay any upgrade price. In case you have any questions regarding the same call the EVA air customer service team at the following numbers: New York: +1-646-278-6060 or our agent +1-877-778-2565

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