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How to Upgrade to Business Class on Hawaiian Airlines.

How to Upgrade to Business Class on Hawaiian Airlines.

How to Upgrade to Business Class on Hawaiian Airlines:

Well, the question might seem tricky, but the answer is the fantastic facilities that you get in the business class of Hawaiian airlines. The following are some of the facilities:

  • Separate waiting space at the airport. Private lounge for all the passengers of Hawaiian Airlines business class.
  • A different check-in counter for the passengers who have business class tickets.
  • A lie-flat option of seats. That will not let you feel like you have left your comfortable home corners.
  • Special care of your privacy.
  • Chef’s professionally made cuisines and a wide variety with complimentary drinks.

So, after reading all this, if you have the same question, “how to Upgrade to Business class on Hawaiian Airlines” or “upgrade to business class, upgrade to first-class procedures, ” you are at the right place. Here you shall get all the pieces of information in detail.

For that, you can either call the Hawaiian Airlines customer service phone number, which is as follows:+1-800-367-5320 or our agent +1-877-778-2565 Or continue reading the blog, and by the end of it, you shall have all the information.

How much is a seat upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines?

  • It is important that you open the official website only to upgrade your Hawaiian tickets.
  • To open the website, the URL is You can click on the URL, and you will be able to get the upgrade done.
  • Remember that you can only avail this online upgrade facility while booking the flight. If the upgrade option is present, you can click on that and request the upgrade. Or, if you have been provided with a complimentary upgrade, you can use the code sent to you via email and get the upgrade done.
  • You will have to open “manage to book” and then give your ticket number and name for both cases. If your ticket is eligible for upgrade, then you will see the option available below the ticket.
  • Your upgrade initiation and confirmation messages will be sent to your registered email and number.
  • If you have any issues while getting the process done, then you can call up the customer service people on the following number: +1-800-367-5320 or our agent +1-877-778-2565 Apart from calling, you can also avail yourself of the live chat option on the official website. You will get answers to your question within minutes.

How to get free upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines:

Thus, by the end of the blog, you will hopefully have an idea about how to upgrade to business class at Hawaiian airlines. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned steps. Also, you must remember that you might not always get the complimentary free upgrade. So if you wish to get an upgrade anyhow, then you will get that by bidding for the same. It’s easy to upgrade your Hawaiian Airlines ticket once you know the process.

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