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Korean Air Flight Cancellation Policy.

Korean Air Flight Cancellation Policy

Korean Air Flight Cancellation Policy

If you have a scheduled flight reservation or reservation with Korean Air and need to cancel your planned tickets but need to know the procedure and policy, fear no more because we’ve got you covered. The following will help you understand the Korean Air flight cancellation policy and the process for canceling your Korean Air airline tickets.

Also, dial the assistant at 1-800-438-5000 or contact our agents at +1-877-335-8488.

Korean Air award ticket cancellation policy: (Cancellation Policy)

You can easily understand the policy related to Korean Air flight cancellations listed below:

  • Korean Air 24-hour cancellation policy: Korean Air has a 24-hour cancellation policy which makes it convenient enough for its passengers to cancel their flight tickets in case of urgency or necessity;
  • You can cancel your Korean Air airline tickets for free within 24 hours of your purchase.
  • The step mentioned above will be considered only if your Korean Air flight’s scheduled departure is 7 days or more from your ticket cancellation date.
  • You can only cancel your tickets if you made the original purchase with the help of the Korean Air official website or by calling the official reservation number.
  • If you made the purchase with the help of an online travel agency or through a travel agent, you would need to speak with the respective person to cancel your airline tickets.
  • You will need to pay the service charge to cancel your flight if you canceled the tickets a few hours before the scheduled departure and made the reservation within a week.
  • If the airline tickets were canceled by Korean Air, you could get proper compensation as a token of apology for the canceled ticket.

So, for your convenience, you can understand Korean Air’s flight cancellation policy with the help of going through all the detailed points listed above.

How to cancel a Korean Air ticket online? (Steps)

If you want to know the procedure to cancel your Korean Air plane tickets, you must follow the following steps;

  • Visit the official website of Korean Air with the help of the browser of your choice.
  • Please log in to your Korean Air account to access your flight reservations.
  • Click on the ‘My flights’ option.
  • Enter the respective information in the required section boxes present on the Korean Air website;
    • Ticket number
    • Passenger’s last name
  • Once you enter the relevant information, all the information related to your Korean Air flight reservation will be displayed.
  • Select the Korean Air flight you wish to cancel and click the “Cancel” option.
  • Confirm your selection and continue.
  • Click on the ‘Confirm’ option to cancel your airline tickets.
  • If you comply with their cancellation policy, you can pay the service charge to proceed with cancellations.

You can only cancel your Korean Air flight tickets with the help of the Korean Air official website or by your reservation number if you made the reservation or purchased through the same platform.

For information, then you are free to give a dial to the Korean Air Customer Service Assistant at: (Contact Numbers)

Korean Air Customer Service number: +82-2-2656-2001

Taiwan number: +886-2-2518-2200

Hong Kong number: +852-2366-2001

China number: +86-532-8378-7024

Japan number: +81-6-6648-8201

India number: +91-124-481-5588

Cambodia number: +855-87-888-386, +855-23-224-047/8/9

Indonesian number: +62-21-521-2180

Malaysia number: +60-3-2030-0200

Philippines number: (Manila) +63-2-8789-3700

Myanmar number: +95-94-0316-0762 (local language only)

Singapore number: +65-6796-2001

Thailand number: +66-2-620-6900

Vietnam number: (Hanoi) +84-24-3934-7247

US, Canada number: 1-800-438-5000 or contact our agents at +1-877-335-8488.

Brazil number:


Switzerland number: 0800-140325

Turkey number: +90-312-900-1627

UK number: 0800-0265-883

Italy number: 800-598-965

Luxembourg number: 800-40168

Austria number: 0800-943-623

Belgium number: 0800-58-287

Czech Republic number: 800-701-548

Denmark number: 80-400-223

Finland number:


So, you can know the Korean Air Flight Cancellation Policy and the procedure to cancel your Korean Air flight tickets by going through all the points listed above. Once you complete the entire policy and process, you can cancel your airline tickets effortlessly without losing the money you used to purchase your Korean Air airline tickets.

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