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Korean Air pet policy breed restrictions – Airnsky

Korean Air pet policy breed restrictions 2022

Korean Air pet policy breed restrictions

Stuck in a problem of how to carry your pet along with you, and what cases, then, don’t panic. As you will get to know about that in this blog. Let’s look forward to know about Korean Air pet policy breed restrictions. Read below.

What are Korean air pet policy breed restrictions? (Policy)

Therefore, the Korean Air Pet Travel Policy says that:

  • If the container and the pet are heavier than 10 kg. Then it must be document for cargo in the Korean Air pet cargo preserve on the same flight as the passenger.
  • Pets may also be introduce on board a plane in the cargo keep as long as the container’s mixed weight and the animal no longer exceed 45 kg.
  • The airline approves cats and puppies to be travel as pets.
  • The airline does now not take delivery of pets beneath four months of age. In addition, any pet with a scientific condition or require nursing, violent, and pregnant ladies are no longer permit.
  • The plane permits solely 4 pets that can be transported per flight. One pet is allowed per passenger under the Korean Air pet cabin program.
  • Pets under anaesthesia or who lack a legitimate fitness certificate, immunization certificate, or other required documentation will no longer be allowed.
  • Pets with disagreeable odours or that want to be scrubbed will now not be allowed.
  • Pets must continually be secured using a collar, leash, or harness.
  • Animals that pose a danger to the crew or passengers due to their nature or conduct will now not be allowed in the passenger cabin.

If you feel you didn’t clear with any of the points. Then you can contact the Korean Air pet customer service assistant at the following numbers: 1-800-438-5000 or our agent +1-877-335-8488.

What dogs are allow in Korean air? (Requirements)

Pets are fully permit at Korean Air, but when? Only, when you had gone through with the Korean air dogs allowed requirements and that calls:

  • Pets must be absolutely enclose in a Korean Air-authorize pet service container. The dimension need to be inside 44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm (17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches).
  • Inside the cage or container, the pet needs to be in a position to stand and stroll around.
  • If the animal is a dog. Then cage has to be associate as long as it meets the hints and specs listed above. For small doggies, the cage/kennel has to be robust.
  • The cage needs to go below the seat.
  • For any reason, your pet is now not authorize to go away from its cage at some point in the journey.
  • If the transported pet is a dog. Then passenger and his pet should fly in the flight’s final row in a window seat.
  • A fee for the oversize need to be paid in addition to the Korean Air pet tour rate if the cage measures an extra 158 linear cm.

Therefore, for more information, then contact the Korean Air customer service assistant at: 1-800-438-5000 or our agent +1-877-335-8488.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1 How do I cancel my ticket on Korean airlines?

A-1 To cancel your flight ticket on Korean Airlines, visit the airline’s authentic site to know the correct process.

Q-2 Can I get my money back if my flight has been Cancel on Korean Air?

A-2 Yes, you can get the money back if your flight gets cancel on Korean Air.

You can also, get contact the Korean Air customer service assistant to know more about the pet policy: (Contact Numbers)

Korean Air Customer Service number: +82-2-2656-2001

Taiwan number: +886-2-2518-2200

Hong Kong number: +852-2366-2001

China number: +86-532-8378-7024

Japan number: +81-6-6648-8201

India number: +91-124-481-5588

Cambodia number: +855-87-888-386, +855-23-224-047/8/9

Indonesian number: +62-21-521-2180

Malaysia number: +60-3-2030-0200

Philippines number: (Manila) +63-2-8789-3700

Myanmar number: +95-94-0316-0762 (local language only)

Singapore number: +65-6796-2001

Thailand number: +66-2-620-6900

Vietnam number: (Hanoi) +84-24-3934-7247

US, Canada number: 1-800-438-5000 or our agent +1-877-335-8488.

Brazil number: 0800-3176670

Switzerland number: 0800-140325

Turkey number: +90-312-900-1627

UK number: 0800-0265-883

Italy number: 800-598-965

Luxembourg number: 800-40168

Austria number: 0800-943-623

Belgium number: 0800-58-287

Czech Republic number: 800-701-548

Denmark number: 80-400-223

Finland number: 0800-526-634

Therefore, in this blog, you will learn about the Korean Air pet policy breed restrictions for those traveling with their pets. Hence, you feel free to contact the Korean Air customer service assistant for more knowledge: 1-800-438-5000 or our agent +1-877-335-8488.

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