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Lufthansa Pet In-Cabin Policy 2022

Lufthansa Pet In-Cabin Policy : Are you looking forward to getting some details about carrying a pet at Lufthansa Airlines? Yes! Then you are in the perfect place; here in this blog, you will get guided points that you can quickly go through when traveling with your pet.

Does Lufthansa allow pets in the cabin? (Cabin Pet Policy)

Yes, you are permitted to carry pets in the cabin while traveling using Lufthansa Airlines. And for that, Lufthansa Pet In-Cabin Policy has been introduced that says:

  • The carrier needs to be big enough for the animal (or animals) to stand up and turn around.
  • Only soft-sided carriers are permit, with dimensions no longer exceeding 18 x 13 x 9 inches.
  • The kennel/carrier ought to be appropriately save beneath the seat in front of you for the journey period.
  • The Lufthansa pet policy cabin service can solely weigh a total of 40 pounds.
  • Pet carriers are allow as carry-on baggage however need to match the seat in front of you.
  • Besides the pet container, passengers are allow to carry one different private object with them when they board the plane.

Here are the contact numbers, on which you can easily connect to the Assistant to know more about that in detail: 1-800-645-3880 or our agent +1-877-778-2565.

Does Lufthansa allow pets in business class? (Business Class Pet Policy)

Many people ask the same question about carrying their pets in the Business Class of Lufthansa Airlines. Therefore, the answer is Yes, you are allowed with your pets in the Business Class. But you have to follow the Lufthansa Pet Policy Business Class strictly, given below:

  • Large measurements and weights are no longer allow to tour in-Business Class.
  • The whole weight of the pet and transport provider has to no longer be extra than 8kg.
  • The Lufthansa pet policy International travel agencyclearly outs the minimal age of the pet, which must be at least 12 weeks.
  • Each passenger is permit to carry a maximum of two pets with them. And they ought to healthy into one carrier.

Note: If you cancel your ticket. Then your pet will also not be allow to journey in the cabin alone.

You can also contact the Lufthansa Airlines Pet Assistant to know more about that in detail: 1-800-645-3880.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-1 What are Lufthansa pet policy breed restrictions?

A-1 The Lufthansa Pet Policy breed restrictions clearly called out certain limits mentioned above in the blog; continue reading the complete to clarify your understanding.

Q-2 Where can I can get contact Lufthansa about the pet policy?

A-2 We had a specific contact number to connect to Lufthansa Airlines, and those are: 1-800-645-3880 or our agent +1-877-778-2565.

Q-3 How do I add a pet to my Lufthansa flight?

A-3 If you are thinking of adding a pet to your Lufthansa flight, then visit the official site of the airline to get the process done, or you can call the Lufthansa Customer Service Number given: 1-800-645-3880 or our agent +1-877-778-2565.

If you still find any problem in getting any of the points clear. Then you can contact at the following numbers given: (Contact Number)

Lufthansa Contact Number:  1-800-LUFTHANSA

Toll-free Contact Number:   516-296-9650

US Contact Number: 1-800-645-3880 or our agent +1-877-778-2565.

Asia/Pacific Contact Number: +6568355951 or +862153524999

Germany Contact Number: +49692554761

Albania Contact Number: +35544540162

Bosnia-Herzegovina Contact Number: +387 552 33975

Switzerland Contact Number: +41848150300

Bulgaria Contact Number: +359 2 935 8207

Croatia Contact Number: +385 72 220 220

Montenegro Contact Number: +382 20 405852

Serbia Contact Number: +381 11 4300171

Slovenia Contact Number: +386 18888828

Czech Republic Contact Number:  +420 225 439768

Hungary Contact Number:  +36 1 429 2209

Mexico and Central America Contact Number: +52 (55) 50 91 31 44

By going through the above blog, you will learn about the closer points for carrying the pet at Lufthansa Airlines, and for this, you have to read the entire blog. Hope, you found the blog informative!

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