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Qatar Airways Baggage Policy and Allowance Fee – Airnsky

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy and Allowance Fee

When you plan a trip, you might have a tendency to carry too much even if the number of days is less. It is an understandable behavior especially if you are going on a holiday to your favourite destination abroad. Well, airline companies, in general, have some rules that are imperative for you to follow, and especially when it comes to Qatar Airways, they have strict rules that you need to follow regarding baggage. Qatar Airways’ baggage policy includes certain charges that you will have to pay as Qatar Airways baggage fees if your bag has more weight than is allowed on the aircraft and you still want to carry all the products. So, here’s the list of things that are included in Qatar Airways baggage policy and allowance fee rules.

Qatar Airways baggage fees rules

  • If you are travelling in economy class, then under the Qatar Airways Baggage allowance. If the wait bar if the luggage is maintain. Then you can carry as many bags as you want as long as it does not exceed the weight bar. But the rule might not be the same for every place and every flight of Qatar Airways. To know what are the Qatar Airways baggage allowance and fees you can check it when you book your tickets for the same.
  • If at all you are carrying any electronic device and you are stop by the security staff to check, make sure that your device has enough charge. So that you can switch it on and then they can see it. According to the UK bond. If you are carrying any electronic device that does not have a charge, it will not be return to you until you reach the destination.


  • According to the Qatar Airways Baggage allowance fees policy. If your bag’s weight isn’t more than 32 kg any extra charges will not be added to it. Baggage charges will increase with every exceeding kg. This rule is only applicable to Business class tickets. So, if you have a business class ticket, then this is the rule.
  • The height of the bag should not be more than 158 cm and the width of the bag should not be more than 300 cm. So if you are travelling for the first time on a flight. And if it is Qatar Airways these are the basic rules that you need to follow.

Well, Qatar Airways has mentioned all these very clearly on their official website. And just in case you want to make sure that you are not violating any of the Qatar airways baggage allowance policies. So you can just go to their official website. There in the baggage and allowance space you can read all the rules. Also, remember to check UK and US rules differently because rules vary at times depending on your boarding location.

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