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Southwest Flight Change: Name Change Fees & Other Info

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Southwest Flight Change: Name Change Fees & Other Info

Southwest Airlines has announced a change in its name change policy, charging a fee for all name changes. In addition, the airline will charge a fee for passengers who want to change their seats in addition to the name change fee. For Southwest Flight change: name change fees & other info, contact customer service at +1-800-435-9792 or OTA: +1 877 335 8488 for assistance.

Southwest flight change name change fees

  • Southwest Airlines has announced that passengers will be charged a $40 fee to change their names on tickets.
  • According to the airline, the fee is necessary to cover the additional time and resources required to process name changes.
  • In addition to the name change fee, Southwest will charge a $115 fee to change a ticket’s date or time, and a $180 fee to change the destination or airline.
  • The new fees are sure to irritate passengers, but Southwest has stated that it is not alone in imposing them.
  • Passengers who need to change their name should do so as soon as possible, as the fees will only rise.

Southwest changed the name on the ticket.

When you reserve a flight with Southwest Airlines, you can have your name printed on the ticket. This is useful if you are travelling with another person and want to ensure that both of your names are on the ticket. In addition, you can take a few steps if you want to change your name on a Southwest ticket.

  • First, you must sign in to your Southwest account. Once logged in, go to the “Manage My Booking” tab.
  • You must click the “Change Name” button. This will land you on a new page where you can type in your new name.
  • After entering your new name, click the “Update” button. You will then have to confirm your new name.
  • Southwest will update your ticket with the new information once you have confirmed your new name.
  • You can also contact customer service at +1-800-435-9792 or OTA: +1 877 335 8488
Southwest airline’s name change
  • The new policy will require passengers to provide their full name when booking and to have their name printed on their boarding pass.
  • Passengers may be allowed to board if they provide their full name.
  • The new policy is an attempt by the airline to reduce the number of passengers denied boarding because their boarding pass does not have their correct name.
  • Southwest Airlines has stated that the new policy is necessary for response to the recent increase in flight no-shows.

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