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Viva Aerobus baggage fees 2022

Viva Aerobus baggage fees

Many of you don’t know the accurate Viva Aerobus baggage fees, and their baggage policy, and thus they do unusual packing. In that scenario, people either need to drop out their luggage or they have to pay the charges for that extra baggage.

To not to happen, all this, Viva Aerobus has, introduce the few details, in which people can easily able to through with the baggage policy and their respective fee. Therefore, all you need to do, is to just read the content carefully, to get rid of the problem of baggage.

So, what does Viva Aerobus policy for baggage says? (Baggage Policy)

Thus, here are few points related to Viva Aerobus Baggage Policy, and hence, these policies called out that:

  • Viva Aerobus allows passengers to lift one piece of carry-on baggage for free. Along with this they can also lift a private item.
  • In addition, this object can be a laptop computer bag or purse, etc. Moreover, the baggage can be of most 10kg weight with fifty-five x forty x twenty-three cm dimensions.
  • Furthermore, the baggage dimensions of carry-in baggage can be most forty-five x thirty-five x twenty cm.
  • The airline lets in Basic or Smart combo passengers to lift one checked-in baggage free of cost. Moreover, the baggage can weigh a most of 15kg with 155cm dimensions for Basic combo.
  • On the different hand, the baggage can weigh a most 25kg with 158cm dimensions for Smart combo.
  • Viva Aerobus allows passengers to raise musical devices with them on their journey, supplied that they are accurate packed. Thus, the instrument has to now not weigh greater than 32kg with 319cm dimensions.
  • Viva Aerobus permits passengers to elevate sports activities gear for their subsequent massive adventure. Whether passengers want to surf or cycle or golf, the airline approves transport at a low priced price.

If, you think you stuck in a problem, and the only way left is to contact to the Viva Aerobus Customer Service assistant, then you can do that, on the following contact numbers: + 57 800 5189402, 81 82 150 150 or +1 866 VUELA VIVA / (+1 866 359 8482) or our agent +1-877-778-2565

Viva Aerobus baggage fees: (Charges for Baggage Fees)

Many of you are unaware of charges for the baggage at Viva Aerobus, so let them tell, that the passengers will have to pay 15 USD per kg, of the baggage and if the bag is there are two baggage limitation the Viva Aerobus, will charge for extra baggage expenses are additionally relevant if the bag is above 20 kgs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-1 How much does it cost to check a bag Viva Aerobus?

A-1 To better know about this, then read the blog thoroughly, in which you will get to know the correct amount for carrying the checked bag at Viva Aerobus.

Q-2 How many bags does Viva Aerobus allow for free?

A-2 Basically, you can carry on 1 bags for free at Viva Aerobus.

Q-3 Does Viva Aerobus give you a free check in bag?

A-3 Yes, Viva Aerobus gives us a free check in bags.

Q-4 How much is a checked bag on Viva Aerobus basic economy?

A-4 This may vary, on what type of class ticket you hold on.

You can also, contact to the Viva Aerobus Customer Service, assistant, on the following number given below: (Contact numbers)

Colombia contact number: + 57 800 5189402

Mexico contact number: 81 82 150 150

US contact number: +1 866 359 8482 or our agent +1-877-778-2565

Free contact number: +52 (81) 8215 0520 / +52 (81) 8215 0196


While, reading the above content, you will get to know about what does the Viva Aerobus Baggage Policy say, and besides this, many of the passenger are in huge confusion, for knowing about the baggage fees, if they are carrying any extra bags. Hence, we wish, that are information given above finds to be relevant for what you are searching for.

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